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Bridge Vid

Thursday lesson:  How to teach someone bridge from the start
Monday beginner lesson:  Summarising the different bidding positions and their goals
Weekly free tournament:  Watch the website for the upload from Seoul (Mon or Tue)

There will be some disruptions to the normal live stream timetable over the next few weeks.  See the schedule at the bottom of the page for more information.


Trans Tasman battle #2

New Zealand and Australia always have a great friendly rivalry on the international stage.  Nick Jacob sums it up nicely 

the Trans-Tasman battle is the match to watch every board, to talk smack with your mates, to cheer every imp won and rue every imp lost. love playing it, love watching it"

Australia drew first blood defeating NZ in round 3 of the Women's division 48-13.  The Open battle will be tomorrow at 12.30 (Wed) Melbourne time which for our friends overseas is 3.30 pm in Auckland, 11.30 am for anyone in Seoul (or Japan), Tuesday 10.30pm in New York, 3.30 am in London and 5.30 am in Istanbul.  If a few facebook posts and a bit of a hint at the venue work the match will be one of the encounters that is displayed on Vugraph (fingers crossed).


Current home page video:  Defensive tips

The video on the home page is updated multiple times each week.  It provides a great opportunity for Newsletter Only subscribers to watch some free content and is also a place to refer friends who you think might like to give Bridge Vid a go.


Update from Seoul

After 2 days of play Australia is sitting in a solid 6th position in the Open division.  In these long events the early places don't mean too much.  The round robin phase is a double round robin of 15 matches (30 encounters).  Only 8 of these have been played so far.  

All accounts of Seoul are that it is a wonderful place and well worth a visit.  Pete thought the Demilitarized Zone was a fascinating place to visit and well worth a trip.  



This week's featured lesson:  How to introduce people to bridge and get them playing


During this lesson Laura will show you how to teach people about cards, tricks, trumps and generally get them playing bridge.  There are some great tips and tricks but the two most important ones are:

1) Make sure they are having fun
2) Work to their pace, not yours 



Do you know what  major and minor penalty cards are?

A new Daily Dose feature is "Understanding the Game".  In the series we will be looking at the laws and some things to do with ethics.  The serier is approached with players in mind and also gives you some tips and hints to use if you are in certain situations.





Schedule (Melbourne time)

Thursday June 1
10.00 am Featured lesson:  How to teach people bridge
Monday May 5
12.00 pm beginner lesson: Summarising the different bidding positions and their goals
Thursday June 8
10.00 am Featured lesson:  TBA

Thanks for your support

Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete



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