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Bridge Vid

Capitalise on opportunities 

……….Pete scored below 50% in the weekly free this week!

Schedule October 26 – November 4 (Melbourne time) 



Wednesday October 26 12.00 pm  Kibitz the pros
Thursday October 27  11.00 am Featured lesson:  When to count what?
Thursday October 27 15.00 pm Free day long tournament
Monday October 31 12.00 pm Beginners:  Slams for beginners
Monday October 31 15.00 pm Weekly Free Tournament
Thursday November 3 11.00 am Featured lesson:  TBA (why not suggest a topic?)
Thursday November 3 13.00 pm Free day long tournament
Friday November 4 12.00 pm Reboot your bridge:  Bidding as the responder continued


This week’s 5 card ending problem


Problem #9
Clubs are trumps
South On Lead
N/S Want to take all 5 tricks



Last fortnight’s 5 card ending problem 

Problem #8
No trumps
South On Lead
N/S Want to take 4/5 tricks

To find out the solution to last week’s problem click the link below


Waverley Congress (Melb) feature

This weeked is the Waverley Bridge Club congress in Melbourne.  We are looking forward to seeing many Bridge Vid-ers there.  Pete will be playing in all three of the main events and posting a recap of some interesting boards.  The recaps will hopefully be available that night or the next day or Monday by the latest.

The recaps will be available following the event at:
Friday MP Swiss Pairs:

Saturday IMP Swiss Pairs:

Sunday IMP Swiss Teams:




Kibitz the pros (Wed 12.00)

Kibitz the Pros is an initiative by The Common Game that we have been part of right from the start.  Our schedules haven’t aligned very well recently which is why you haven’t seen us playing but we will be on tomorrow.  Watch live at or to view the KTP website

What is KTP?  Players from The Common Game vote on hands they would like to see the pro’s play.  Four pros jump online at 9.00pm NY time (12.00pm Melbourne) to play the boards.  They are then uploaded to youtube. 

To watch a session at a live time



LABS idea: What’s your skill quizzes

One of the most challenging things about bridge is being able to measure ability and learning development.  One of the things that people love about the short course programs is the quizzes where you can really check if you have learnt the content.  In the next month or so we are looking to put together a series of quizzes that you will be able to complete as a self assessment.  We want to structure them in different skill levels and also on different aspects of the game so that you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses.   You will then be able to find videos to help with areas that you would like to develop.  Constructing the quizzes to achieve these goals and setting up the site for this is going to be quite the challenging but we are hoping to roll out the idea in early December.   If you have any ideas about the concept or can help out with testing please don’t hesitate to get in touch.     


Featured lesson:  What to count when? (Thu 11.00)

If you haven’t heard us harp on about just how important counting is you must be living under a rock!  With so many things to count (distribution, points, tricks, trumps, losers, winners etc) and only limited time to play a hand it is important to know when you should be looking out for particular elements on each hand.  This week Pete will do a recap on why counting different things can be important but will then delve into how to spot exactly which things to focus on for particular hands.

If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some lessons on counting (Members):



Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete  



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