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Bridge is constantly evolving –  keep an open mind to everything that you hear


THURSDAY 28 July featured lesson 11.00: Building a picture from the bidding 

FRIDAY 22 July Reboot your bridge 12.00 pm: Bidding as opener

Monday July 25 Beginners 9.00: The interaction of Stayman and transfers
(this session may be substituted for Spingold Final commentary.  If so, the lesson will run the following week)

THURSDAY 4 August featured lesson 11.00: The dummy reversal (advanced-expert)

Aug 22 – Sept 24 Doubles short course member only promo period (flyer at bottom of the page) 

Double Trouble!

In the lead up to the doubles course we thought that we would get you thinking about some different doubles.

Double Trouble #1: 

Click here to find out


Doubles short course (Member only free promotion August 22- Sept 24)


The next edition of our popular Short Course programs will be available free and exclusive to financial members from August 22-Sept 24.  The course will teach players of all skill levels the fundamental logic behind different doubling situations so that you will be able to more actively compete in auctions, double the opponents for penalty when it’s right and not be sitting there wondering what on earth partner’s double means!  

Initially we thought the program would run across 2 weeks but when we started putting it together we realised that we needed much more time!  We are looking at a 3 week course.  Each week’s content will be rolled out on a Monday mornings (August 22, 29 and September 5).  Members will have access to the course from August 22 – September 24.  After this time the course will be available for an additional charge of $49 AUD.

The planned course schedule is below.  If there is something in particular that you really want to see in the course but aren’t convinced from the schedule that we have included please don’t hesitate to let us know by email (


This week’s featured lesson 11.00 am Thursday (July 28): Building a picture from the bidding

The bidding often gives away vital information to the defence. Sometimes it’s about sitting back and taking in all the information from what the opponents are saying without saying it.

Reboot your bridge: Friday 12.00 pm (Melbourne time) Bidding as opener

The third phase of our reboot your bridge program looks at the bidding.  This week we will be looking at the fundamentals of the positions in the auction (opener, responder, overcaller and advancer) and explore the meanings of opener’s first bid.  There will be a brief discussion on different styles (Eg. 13+ to open or less and different NT ranges).  


Next week’s featured lesson 11.00 am Thursday (August 4): Dummy reversal (ADVANCED-EXPERT)

A dummy reversal is an advanced card play technique for the declarer.  Effectively it’s planning the play from the perspective of the non anchor hand.  During this lesson we will look at how to put the concept into practice and then how to identify when you should use the technique.  To prepare for this lesson members will want a sound understanding of planning the play with an anchor hand including how to count losers in the play.  To refresh your knowledge in this area check out the planning the play in a suit section in Reboot Your Bridge HERE (members only)


Schedule July 28 – August 5 (all times are listed for Melbourne Australia)

Upcoming schedule (July 28 – August 5)

Thursday 28/7 11.00 Featured lesson: Building a picture from the bidding
Thursday 28/7 13.00 Free day long tournament
Friday 29/7 12.00 Reboot your bridge:  The role of each player in the bidding and the opener’s first bid
Monday 1/8 9.00 Beginners with Laura: The connection between Stayman and Transfers and also 3 level slam try bids after 1NT
Tuesday 2/8 15.00 Weekly free Tournament
Thursday 4/8 11.00 Featured lesson: Dummy reversal (ADVANCED-EXPERT)
Thursday 28/7 13.00 Free daylong tournament
Friday 29/7 12.00 Reboot your bridge: How to bid as a balanced opener

Want to watch a BV session live and interact?

Thanks for your support

Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete


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