Newsletter #74

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Bridge Vid

Everyone bleeds – NZ just defeated France, one of the World Championship favourites!

Schedule September 15 – September 20

Thursday September 15 11.00 am Featured lesson:  Different types of cue bids
Friday September 16 12.00 pm Reboot your bridge:  Responder’s basic bids (tech issues last week)
Saturday September 17 12.00 pm Beginners with Laura:  Shortage points
Tuesday Septmber 20 3.00 pm Weekly free tournament
Wednesday September 21 11.00 am  The tricks and traps when declaring part score contracts

 to watch live sessions tune into at session time.  Note:  All times listed are for Melbourne AUS.  To find out about when a session is in your time zone click HERE 

This week’s 5 card ending problem

Problem #5

No Trumps

South On Lead

N/S to take 4/5 Tricks


The solution will be posted in next week’s newsletter



Last week’s 5 card ending problem

South to lead.   Clubs are trumps.  N/S to take 3/5 tricks


To find out the solution to last week’s problem click the link below


Different types of cue bids explained (live Thursday 11.00 Melb time)

Cue bids are things used in a variety of situations.  Just off the top of the head you can think of Michaels cue bids, cue bidding to slam, cue bidding showing a stopper, cue bidding asking for a stopper and cue bidding with a splinter (yikes).  This week Pete will discuss this term that can often be confusing and discuss the common types of cue bids that are used.  


Wroclaw World Championships

The Worlds are coming to the pointy end.  No promises but we are hoping to bring you some commentary from the final on Friday and Saturday nights Melbourne time.  More information will be posted on the Bridge Vid Facebook page when we know more.  

As we go to email the Aussie seniors team are the last Aussies standing and are leading their quater final against the USA and fellow Australiasians NZ are behind in their QF against Spain.  

More info about the championships can be found at



A double dummy problem with ALOT of bite
(Warning:  This one will torture even expert players)

This one comes from Poland in the quater final of the worlds from stanza 5/6.  Laura was watching the bridge when she should have been producing the newsletter.

5H is the normal spot and the contract can always make.  At this table it was 5HX.  In the New Zealand vs Spain match Michael Whibley led a trump (nice).  The contract can still always make.  Something felt sus so we put GIB to work with its double tummy analysis after trick one which North won.

North can make their contract but only if they play a diamond.  Try to work out why.

The easiest approach is to type the hand into your hand editor feature on bbo and play through it with GIB analysis.

WARNING:  This hand itself is VERY advanced.  Solving the problem will be very difficult without sound knowledge of how to use the BBO Hand editor feature and GIB analysis.  ATTEMPT at your own risk and only if you really enjoy tough puzzles! 

The working out of the hand will be posted in the next day or two.

Want to watch a BV session live and interact?

To watch a session at a live time



We are off to NZ to defend our teams championship win from last year

NZ is a beautiful place and has a wonderful national bridge congress.  Last year we played and comfortably made the quater finals to then win our QF and SF by our carry forward!  After the nail biters we took out the final and are heading back to defend this year with the same team of Matthew Brown (currently in Poland representing NZ open) Paul Gosney (currently in Sydney teaching maths), Tony Nunn (currently in Poland representing AUS) and Michael Whibley (Matt’s partner in Poland). 

This means that there won’t be any live sessions from September 22 – October 2.  While we are away there will still be new Daily Dose episodes published and a newsletter (not to mention a double dummy problem).



Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete 



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