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Trust partner, not the opponents

 Pete wins the NZ open pairs (see the report below)

Schedule October 5 – October 19



Wednesday October 5 9.00 am SPECIAL BBO LESSSON: Doubles (See below) 
Wednesday October 5 12.00 pm Featured lesson:  Pete and Tony’s system in NZ
Friday October 7 12.00 pm Reboot your bridge:  Responding with a fit
Monday October 10  10.00 am Beginners:  Transfers 
Tuesday October 11 3.00 pm Weekly free tournament
Wednesday October 12 9.00 am SPECIAL BBO LESSSON: Card play logic (See below) 

This week’s 5 card ending problem

Problem #7

No Trumps

South On Lead

N/S Want 4 Tricks



Last fortnight’s 5 card ending problem 


To find out the solution to last week’s problem click the link below



Doubles course

The content for the doubles course will be available until October 10.  We are still working on the course summary which will be up by the end of the weekend.  


This week’s featured lesson (WEDNESDAY 12.00) Pete’s system with Tony

Tony Nunn has represented Australia on numerous occasions and 2016 NZ Congress was only the second time that Pete and Tony had played together.  Last year they came away with the win in the teams and this year they came away with the win in the pairs.  This week Pete will be talking about the system that the pair play.  You might be quite surprised to find out that it isn’t full of complicated agreements but rather simple (but good) agreements in situations that often arise and some good general partnership understandings.  Tune in on WEDNESDAY at 12.00 pm Melbourne time to find out about Pete’s experience beating the current World Pairs Champions in NZ.  


Special BBO (BILies retreat) Lessons (9.00 Wednesday AM Oct 5 and 12)

Pete will be running 2 special featured lessons for the beginner and intermediate lounge using Bridge Base Online (not twitch).  To watch you will need to login to your BBO account.

 To Find the BILies Retreat on the Web Client:  Go to List All tables >All Public and Private Clubs > All Public Clubs > BILies Retreat > Show tables > Full Tables >Join table    –  *** Look for sliynk’s table ***

 To listen to BBO Voice:   When at the table, click on the Start Listening Button (lower right below the green table).

See the flyer attached to the email newsletter for more information



Pete’s NZ Congress Pairs win with Tony Nunn

Over in NZ we weren’t able to defend our teams title but we still had a great time and finished 3rd in the teams to the eventual winners BACH:  Ashley Bach, Michael Cornell, Michael Ware, Geo Tislevoll, Martin Reid and Vivien Cornell.  

Pete and Tony Nunn put in a great performance in the pairs where they not only beat their teammates but beat the newly crowned World Pairs Champions Ashley Bach and Michael Cornell.  Here’s what Pete has to say…..


In New Zealand I managed to win the New Zealand Open Pairs. When I do well I always get asked about my good hands but the issue is I am bad at remembering the good hands. I remember the bad hands. Here is one that stuck out.

After reaching 4H by South after no opposing bidding you receive the lead of the jack of spades. This marks the Ace and Queen offside but there is no harm in trying the King.

East wins the ace of spades and switches to the Jack of hearts. Initially your way of making this contract was to hope hearts were 3-2 but when you cash the ace and king of hearts you find out they break 4-1 with east having singleton jack.

The opponents have given you another opportunity though. They failed to cash the 2nd spade which means we can try playing the ace of diamonds and a diamond to the jack taking a finesse but if that loses you will go down two. Is the finesse worth it or should we just accept down one or is there a middle ground?

Check out the daily dose video to find out what I did and what I think should of happened.


I am good at remembering my partners good hands. Tony Nunn was my partner and he played fantastic but this hand stood out to me. Being in an new partnership we gave each other a lot of lee-way in the bidding and occasionally we pushed it a bit hard but here we were rewarded for Tony’s good play.


On this hand we reached 6C on the Queen of hearts lead. I’ll pose this problem as a double dummy problem and see if you can work out how to make it looking at all the cards, then realise Tony managed this single dummy.


If you want to see how Tony played the hand and why he choose this check out the daily dose Hand of the week video here:


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        Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete




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