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Bridge Vid

Thursday lesson:  Convention:  The Witch (modified Gazilli)
Monday beginner lesson: Video answers to the quiz for players with 1 year or less experience (see below)

New Daily Dose topics

Monday: Same Hand Different Problem

During this segment you are given a hand and are prompted to think about how your actions should change depending on what position you are in.

Here is the first hand.  Everyone is vulnerable

What would you do if you were dealer?

What would you do if partner opened 1C?

What would you do if the opponents opened 1C?

What would you do if the opponents pre-empted at the 2 or the 3 level?

What would you do if your partner opened 1S?

To watch the daily dose and see how your bids compared to Pete’s CLICK HERE or click on the hand image


Tuesday: Where are the cards

We are keeping this segment because deducing where the missing cards are is so important to your game.  Pete looks at a hand and explores the following questions:

What is my hand shape?
What is the dummy’s hand shape?
What do we know from the bidding?
What do we know from the opening lead?
How many high card points do the missing hands hold?
How are the suits dividing?
What do we know from declarer’s line of play?
What other lines of play could partner or the opponents have taken?
What are the hand shapes of the concealed hands?

Where are the cards daily dose videos can be found HERE


Wednesday: Understanding The Game

This segment will focus on the laws and etiquette of the game for the most part.  This week we will be explaining what a major penalty card is.

Thursday: Same Sequence Different Hand

During this segment you will be given 5 different hands.  Your job is to match the hand to the auction.

Friday: Hand of the week

Who doesn’t like to end the week with a bit of fun.  This segment will remain unchanged.


TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE (newer players)

We are looking to develop a section that allows you to test your skill at various levels with example hands and quizzes.  We plan to start at the beginning by working on the content for players with approximately 1 year or less experience.   We have developed a quiz which we believe looks at the very basics of the game and would love for people to product test it for us.  Although the quiz is only available online to BV members we are happy to provide the quiz to newsletter only subscribers who email us directly within 1 week.

To access the quiz and the link to the answers CLICK HERE (members)



Beat Pete in this week’s WFIT

During this week’s weekly free tournament Pete hit some stumbling blocks and scored 50.89% so there is plenty of room to beat him!

The first board is quite interesting.  You are 3rd seat at nil vul.  Your partner and right hand opponent have passed.  What is your plan with this one?

 1NT opener?

1C opener then 3C rebid?

1C opener then 2NT rebid or something totally different?

To watch Pete’s Weekly Free Tournament CLICK HERE

To find out how to play the Weekly Free Tournament CLICK HERE

To go straight to BBO now CLICK HERE



Journey to the Bermuda Bowl

It’s hard to believe it is less than a month until Pete and Juzz play their first event for the Australian Open Team.  The Journey to the Bowl series has followed the work that they have put in since making the team.  The 4th (April) episode is now available and the May episode will be ready late this week.

This month they provide some handy tips that you can also apply to your game but you might not like what you hear!  Pete and Juzz are known for landing on their feet when an auction gets tricky but they talk about just how important it is to review everything critically rather than just thinking “my opponent’s had the chance to double me but they didn’t, disaster avoided”.


Episode 4

Review your play

Episode 3

Knowing your leads and signals

Episode 2

Getting in the right headspace

Episode 1

How to get better at bridge


Have you been to our library?

One of the easiest ways to navigate the site is using the video library (CLICK HERE).  In the library you can scroll down to find out about all of the different session types that we have or alternatively click on one of the most popular titles at the top.

If you have a particular topic in mind that you would like to learn about the search bar at the top is also a great help.  You can simply type in a search word Eg. Overcalls and find videos on that topic.  There is no need to change the category bar, just simply type your desired keyword in the top box and click search.


Schedule (Melbourne time)

Thursday May 17
11.00 am Featured lesson:  Convention:  The With (modified Gazilli)
Thursday May 17
13.00 pm Free day long tournament
Friday May 18
12.00 pm Reboot your bridge
Monday May  22
12.00 pm Beginners with Laura: Video answers to the draft quiz for players with <1 year experience (approx)
Tuesday May 23
15.00pm Weekly free tournament
Thursday May 24
9.00 am Featured lesson: TBA

Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete



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