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Bridge Vid 

 Aces go places


Thu afternoon Pete plays blind!

Thu featured lesson:  2 way Checkback (XYZ)

Does player behaviour need to be
more regulated?:   The results are in

This week’s poll: How important are masterpoints?

Click HERE for this week’s news in video!

Last week’s poll results

This week’s poll: Masterpoints

How important are masterpoints to you and do you think they are an accurate measure of skill level? 



Pete Plays blind: Thursday 1.00 pm 

Magnus Carlsen, the World Champion at chess can play (and win) 10 games without seeing a single chess board.  This got us to wondering how we would go at playing bridge blind!  On Thursday we will take on the BBO free daylong tournament with the cards being being told to us!  Tune in live at 1.00 on Thursday.

Like the idea?  You might want to read the bridge book The Cardturner.  It’s a good read.  



This week’s featured lesson 11.00 Thu:  2WCB (XYZ)

Two way checkback (2WCB) is one of our favourite conventions.  In last week’s lesson on transfers after a 1C opening it got quite a few mentions.  This week we will look at this great convention.  This lesson is recommended for advanced players or intermediate players who are very keen, love system and are in a regular partnership.  


Schedule interuptions

There will be no featured lesson on Thursday June 9.  The lesson will run on Wednesday June 8 at 11.00am

There will be no beginners session on Monday June 13.  The beginners session will run on Wednesday June 15 at 10.00 am 


Reboot your Bridge 12.00 Friday

This week we start planning the play in NTs.  Click HERE to go to the reboot your bridge short course (members). 


This week’s schedule

June 2 – June 8
Thursday 11.00: Featured lesson: 2WCB

Thursday 13.00: Free Daylong Tournament BLIND!

Friday 11.00: Kibitz the Pros

Friday 12.00: Boot Camp week 4:  Plannign the play in a NT contract

Monday:  9.00: Beginners with Laura

Monday:  19.00:  Talk back episode 3 

Monday: 20.00: Game with Jane

Tuesday: 15.00:  Weekly free tournament #53

Tuesday 16.00:  Commentated play   

Wednesday 11.00: Featured lesson: bidding as responder with a weak hand

To find out how to watch live or what time the session is in your part of the world click HERE


Labs – new ideas

Bridge Vid is made for you!  We have hundreds of ideas running through our minds about things that we could do on the site.  

We have created a section called Labs where we post our new ideas for your input.  This week we have added an idea for Bridge Trivia and also a Bridge at Home program for non bridge players.

Have a look at the Labs page HERE

Interested in the trivia?  We have taken the idea from a group that plays the popular online card game Hearth Stone.  You won’t know the answers to the questions but why not take a look and see if you like the style HERE.

Have an idea that you would like to see on BV?  email us at


Want to get in touch with us?  Email

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