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This week’s schedule

Thursday 11.00: Slam Bidding Philosophy
Friday 12.00: BOOT CAMP 1: Counting losers
Monday 9.00: Beginners with Laura: pre-empts
Monday 19.00: Hang 10 episode 50!  our final episode
Monday 20.00: Jenny and Pete take on the robots
Tuesday 15.00: Weekly Free Tournament #50
Tuesday 16.00: Commentated play

To see the session times in your zone click HERE



  This week’s poll (labs)

Do you think men are better at bridge than women?

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New look newsletter

So here we are, right in your email with no attachment to open! We have embarked on of an overhaul on the newsletter content and presentation.  We hope that this has made its way to you in a nice, neat and easy to read format with all of the links clickable.  If not, could you PLEASE let us know. 

As far as the content goes, we are looking to make the newsletter a highlights package for the week to come.  If you enjoy reading about what’s going on with us and the site don’t worry because we will be including a variety of different elements in the upcoming weeks including a blog, an upcoming events page and more interactive bits and pieces.  The first one is the weekly poll which is just above.  


Thank you so much to those of you who submitted ideas for the June Daily Dose rollover.  We are looking to include a beginner’s day, a “cringe-worthy” category and we have a few others to choose between.


Happy Bridge Vid-ing,

Laura and Pete


This week’s featured lesson: Slam Bidding Philosophy
Thursday 12 May 11.00 Melbourne time

During this week’s featured lesson we are looking to do a bit of a recap of the recent Slam Bidding Technique short course.  If you have any questions this is the perfect time to tune into to ask live!

19.00 Melbourne time

This week marks the 50th and final (well at least for now) episode of Hang 10.  We have decided that it’s time to start a new feature because the weekly free instant tournament is so similar.  Thanks to everyone who has come along for the ride and don’t forget you can always go back and play any of the 50 episodes to compare your actions to Pete’s.


Reboot your bridge
(New short course)

Reboot your bridge is a new short course. The course will cement the basic elements of the game from card play to bidding.  The course will be great for everyone but will be particularly beneficial for players who never learnt in a structured way and players with 1-5 years experience who want to really clear the fog about a few things. This course will be drip fed rather than intensive (we have no idea how many lessons it will include) and will be available on the site permanatly for members.  The first live lesson starts on Friday at midday Melbourne time.  The link to the course will be available in the member’s area after Friday’s lessons are uploaded.


We are constantly brainstorming new ideas for the website.  Rather than just keeping them to ourselves we thought why not share them and test them out!  We are starting a new labs area of the site in the next few weeks where you can come along and test out some new ideas, make comments and even suggest your own.  We will have more info in the upcoming weeks but in the meantime, why not take part in our first lab idea to be implemented, the weekly poll.



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