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Bridge Vid

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WEDNESDAY 22 June featured lesson 11.00:
Describing opener’s hands in the first 2 rounds

WEDNESDAY 29 June featured lesson 11.00:
Counting HCP to deliver the killing blow

Last week’s Poll- The results are in:
What external factors affect your game?

This week’s poll:  How much bridge do you do
on the computer? Click here to have your say


Labs: Practice BV techniques with other BV’ers



Cheating scandal update

Click here to watch

Last week’s poll results:  What external factors affect your game?

If you find that some of these factors affects your game take a look at the session from Monday where Laura discussed how you can minimise the impact that they have on your game HERE




This week’s poll: What are your computer based bridge habits?

More and more people are turning to tech for bridge play and study.  Have your say and find out what other players think  Click here to have your say



This week’s featured lesson 11.00 Wednesday (June 22):
Describing opener’s hand in the first two rounds of the bidding

The opener should have an idea about how they are going to describe their hand from the first bid that they make.  Join Pete to find out how to make a bidding plan as the opener. 


Next week’s featured lesson 11.00 Wednesday (June 29):
When to count your opponents HCP and how to use it to your advantage

Counting, counting and more counting is how you improve your game.  During this featured lesson Laura will discuss the situations where it it vital to count your opponents high card points to make a contract or defeat it in defence.

Want to watch a BV session live and interact?


LABS: Practice your BV techniques with other Bridge Vid players

One thing that all BV’ers have in common is that they are keen to learn.  One member came up with the idea of a matchmaking service where BV members can link up with other BV members to practice online.  This idea is a great one and we are in the process of developing a group on the website where you can make a post and get in touch with other BV’ers.  Hopefully it will be up and ready to go by this time next week.


Schedule June 22 – July 8

22/6 Wednesday 11.00: Featured lesson: Opener’s treatment of balanced hands

27/6 Monday 9.00:  Beginners with Laura  

28/6 Tuesday: 15.00:  Weekly free tournament #56

29/6 Wednesday 11.00:  Featured lesson: Counting HCP to deliver the killing blow

30/6 – 7/6: We are away at the Australian National Championships

1/7 Friday: Bridge Vid 1st Birthday! Free 48 hour membership for new BV’ers. 

8/7 Friday 11.00: Kibitz the Pros (TBC)

8/7 Friday 12.00: Reboot your bridge

To find out how to watch live or what time the session is in your part of the world click HERE


Bridge Vid is about to have it’s first birthday!

July 1 will mark our first year as Bridge Vid.  What better way to celebrate than with a crowd?  We are looking to set up BV access for a 48 hour period to non members for July 1 but need to work out the tech side of it. 

If you have been trying to get your partner or friends on board this is the perfect opportunity.  More details to come soon.


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