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Bridge Vid

Trust partner, not the opponents

Schedule September 8 – September 15

Thursday September 8 11.00 am Featured lesson:  The Lebensohl convention
Friday September 9 12.00 pm Reboot your bridge:  Responder’s basic bids
Saturday September 10 12.00 pm Beginners with Laura:  Card play tips
Tuesday Septmber 13 3.00 pm Weekly free tournament
Thursday September 15 11.00 am Featured lesson: TBA
Thursday September 15 1.00 pm Free daylong tournament

NOTE: WE AREN’T EVEN GOING TO THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND THEY ARE STILL AFFECTING US! Laura is filling in for some Melbournians who are over in Poland and won’t be around on Monday’s for the beginner’s session.  Instead it will run on Saturdays at midday during September

This week’s 5 card ending problem

South to lead.  Clubs are trumps.  N/S to take 3/5 tricks


The solution will be posted in next week’s newsletter



Last week’s 5 card ending problem

South to lead.   Clubs are trumps.  N/S to take 4/5 tricks


To find out the solution to last week’s problem click the link below


This week’s doubles course content

We are a bit slow on getting the last week’s content uploaded but we have noticed that most people aren’t even ready for it!  Here’s an idea, why don’t you race us – can you get up to the bits that aren’t uploaded before we do?  

  • Forcing pass auctions (uploaded but no quiz)
  • Lead directing doubles (uploaded but no quiz)
  • Doubles of conventional bids and 2 suiters (coming soon)
  • Redoubles (coming soon)
  • Course summary  (coming soon) 

We have also decided to extend the member only promotion until the end of September, afterall…..if it’s taking us nearly a week extra to produce it’s probably taking you a week extra to digest!

Click HERE to go to the short course (MEMBERS)

Want to become a member?  Find out more HERE 

Weekly free tournament – a week to beat Pete with 54.01%

The weekly free tournament is great fun and a wonderful teaching tool.  You play the same 8 boards with a robot partner and against robot opponents as everyone else.  Your scores are compared to 14 other players and you can watch Pete’s (and other youTube videos) of the play.  If you don’t already play it, all you need is a BridgeBase online login and you are ready to go!

Find out more at


Wroclaw World Championships

It’s early days in Poland with the round robin phase only 2 days in.  Australia is currently leading the mixed division by a MASSIVE 23 VPs!  The finals don’t kick off until next Monday and we are hoping to bring you some Vugraph commentary when it’s closer to the pointy end.  

At this time last year Chennai was getting underway and the rumours about cheating at the game were in full swing.  This year the World Bridge Federation Credentials Committee did withdraw the invitation to the Italian mixed pair Enza Rossano and Antonio Vivaldi.

The best place to find out more about the event is

The best place to find out more about the Rossabo Vivaldi decision is


Want to watch a BV session live and interact?

To watch a session at a live time





Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete 



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