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Bridge Vid

 Sometimes it's what your opponents don't do that gives the biggest clues


EBL Fantoni Nunes decision

THURSDAY 21 July featured lesson 11.00:
5NT pick a slam

FRIDAY 22 July  Reboot your bridge 12.00 pm: The complete plan in NTs

Monday July 25 Beginners 9.00:
Transfers explained

THURSDAY 28 July featured lesson 11.00:
Building a picture from the bidding

MID - LATE AUGUST: Doubles short course member only promo period



Doubles are one of the most confusing parts of the game with so many different
meaningsfor the same call.  Our next short course will explore all different types of doubles.  The course will be a 2 week program which
will be available for members for a FREE and exclusive one month period.  
After the member only FREE promo period the course will be a paid product for $39.00 AUD.  

More info will be available next week with the course guide. 


Fantoni Nunes - The EBL decision

The Disciplinary Committee of the European Bridge League have handed down their verdict in the Fantoni Nunes case.  FN are banned from playing together for life and banned for 5 years with other partners.  In addition they will also be required to pay the costs of the investigation and prosecution ($20 000 Euro ea).  

The Bridge Winners discussion HERE has sprung to life with different views and comments. 


The Spingold is about to start in Washington DC and it seems like it is very quickly coming up to a year since the bridge world was rocked by the FS allegations.  Last years Spingold was won by the Cayne team: Jimmy Cayne, Ron Schwartz, Lotan Fisher, Michael Seamon, Lorenzo Lauria and Alfredo Versace over the Zimmermann team: Pierre Zimmermann, Franck Multon, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes, Tor Helness and Geir Helgemo.  

Both teams featured pairs (Fantoni-Nunes, Fisher-Schwartz) which are a part of the biggest saga to shake the game.  This year's event will hopefully be able to move away from that dark cloud and deliver a new wave of champions.  



Bridge Winners discussion

Original FS cheating allegations

To see our June 22cheating scandal update

This week's free instant tournament features some good solid hands and Pete went through
a rough patch and needed to regroup.  If you haven't played it yet make sure you do!

Click HERE to see Pete's game this week

Click HERE to find out about the weekly free tournament


This week's featured lesson 11.00 am Thursday (July 21): 5NT pick a slam

Whatweek Pete will discuss how you can take your card play to the next level with sound card play logic.  What are the consequences if a finesse doesn't work? How do you evaluate which line to take? How do you fill in the information blanks and use it to your advantage?


Reboot your bridge:  Friday 12.00 pm (Melbourne time) The complete plan

This week we will look at the full plan in NT contracts.  This lesson will consolidate all of the lessons on planning the play in NTs and is also a great opportunity for more experienced players to check in and ensure that they have their fundamentals on NT play understood.   


Next week's featured lesson 11.00 am Thursday (July 28): Building a picture from the bidding

The bidding often gives away vital information to the defence.  Sometimes it's about sitting back and taking in all the information from what the opponents are saying without saying it.  

Want to watch a BV session live and interact?


Schedule July 21 - July 29 (all times are listed for Melbourne Australia)


Upcoming schedule (July 20 - 29)
Thursday 21/7 11.00 Featured lesson:  5NT pick a slam
Thursday 21/7 14.00 Free day long tournament
Friday 22/7 12.00 Reboot your bridge:  The full plan in NTs
Monday 25/7 9.00 Beginners with Laura: Transfers explained
Tuesday 26/7 15.00 Weekly free Tournament
Thursday 28/7 11.00 Building a picture from the bidding
Thursday 28/7 14.00 Free daylong tournament
Friday 29/7 12.00 Reboot your bridge:  Bidding as opener

Thanks for your support

- Happy Bridge Vid-ing,

Laura and Pete 


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