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Bridge Vid 

If you throw losers and keep winners you can't discard the wrong thing



New segment:  Talk Back

Featured lesson:  Defending against Precision

Triple Dummy- This Thursday 

Are men better at bridge than women:  The results are in

Next week's poll:  Standard of proof for cheating


Last week's poll results

It would have been nice to have a few more votes but at print time the BV verdict was that men are better.  Interetingly, women seemed to think that there was more of a skill difference than men.  Click HERE to find out more. 


This week's poll

This week we are looking at what standard of proof should be used when determining the guilt of those suspected of cheating at bridge.  Do we have to be sure because it would be better to let 100 guilty people walk free rather than falsely convict one innocent or is clear and convincing evidence good enough?

Have your say now:  Cheating: Standard of proof 


Talk back (new segment)

Talk Back will replace the Hang 10 segment on Monday evenings at 19.00 Melbourne time.  This segment is dedicated to you!  This is your opportunity to ask any bridge question, ask for opinions on hands and generally talk about all things bridge. 

There are many ways that you can take part in the segment.  Ideally we would love to get you on Skype live and discuss your topic.  If you would like to submit a topic but don't want to be live on Skype during the session that is ok as well.

To take part in the Talk Back segment you will simply need to send us an email at or submit a topic on the Talk Back Forum HERE.   All topics submitted via the forum and email will be posted on the Forum page where BV members can make comments.  

If you are willing to Skype during the session please don't forget to send us your Skype username so that we can add you live. 


This week's featured lesson

Defending against Precision openings is often difficult for players who aren't familiar with the quirks of the system and partnerships that don’t often play against the system.  This week Pete will look into what you are trying to achieve with your defence and some different options that you can play. 



Triple Dummy

El is back for Triple Dummy this week where all things bridge are discussed.  Watch live at 18.00 Melbourne time

If you would like to suggest a triple dummy topic email us at or post on the forum HERE

Watch past episodes of Triple Dummy (FREE) HERE

To find out how to watch live and what time the session is in your part of the world click HERE




Reboot your Bridge 

Our first Boot Camp session was held last week where we set the foundation for planning the play in a suit contract.  Lessons 1-2 covered what losers are and the three different techniques for getting rid of losers. 

Click HERE to start rebooting your bridge. 



This week's schedule

Thursday 11.00: Defending against Precision

Thursday 13.00: Free daylong tournament (18/5 tournament)

Thursday 18.00:  Triple Dummy - El is back!

Friday 12.00: Boot Camp week 2:  Entry management and timing (suit contracts)

Monday:  9.00: Beginners with Laura: opening leads

Monday:  19.00:  Talk back episode 1

Monday: 20.00: Game with Jane

Tuesday: 15.00:  Weekly free tournament #51

Tuesday 16.00:  Commentated play   

To find out how to watch live or what time the session is in your part of the world click HERE

USA National Open Team

The USA open team for Poland is the DIAMOND TEAM:  John Diamond, Brian Platnick, Eric Grecco, Geoff Hampson, Kevin Bathurst and Justin Lall.

Team DIAMOND defeated FLEISHER 287 vs 253.

FLEISHER TEAM:  Martin Fleisher, Chip Martel, Joe Grue, Brad Moss, Chris Willenken and our very own (well used to be) Ish Del'monte.



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