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Bridge Vid 

Everyone bleeds, everyone makes mistakes, everyone has great days at the table


WEDNESDAY 29 June featured lesson 11.00:
Counting HCP to deliver the killing blow

FRIDAY 1 July: Bridge Vid turns 1

FRIDAY 8 July  featured lesson 1.00 pm:
A summary of the different systems

Last week's Poll- The results are in:  
What are your computer bridge habits?

This week's poll:  Hand valuation
Click here to have your say


It's our birthday on July 1! 
Help us celebrate by getting a friend to
sign up for a free 48 hour membership
(only available for new members
who sign up between 0.00 and 11.59 on July 2
Melbourne Australia Time)

Click HERE to find out more

Last week we put together a new update on the cheating scandal.  Missed it?

Click here to watch

Last week's poll results:  What are your online bridge habits??





This week's poll: How do you value a hand?

HCP and all other methods of valuation are simply a tool used to value how a hand will work out during the play. 
There are many adjustments that are made to the simple HCP count.  Which do you use?

Shortage points, length points, upgrade, downgrade, re-evaluate when the opponents bid or something else?

Which of these do you do? Click HERE to have your say



This week's featured lesson 11.00 Wednesday (June 29): 
When to count your opponents HCP and how to use it to your advantage

Counting, counting and more counting is how you improve your game.  During this featured lesson Laura will discuss the situations where it it vital to count your opponents high card points to make a contract or defeat it in defence.


Oh technology, how much we love (hate) you

Sorry about the muck up with last week's email newsletter.  It was the equivilant of the machine breaking down and the delivery boy getting lost on the way.  The computer swears it will never do it again and won't get pocket money for 3 weeks (taking away screen time wouldn't work).

Next week's featured lesson 1.00 pm Friday (July 8): 
A summary of the different systems played and their quirks

Most of us stick to the system we know and love and often feel intimidated or uncomfortable when we come across other bidding systems.  Join in for this lesson to learn some of the quirks of different systems and the main things that you need to know to play against them. 

Want to watch a BV session live and interact?



LABS: Practice your BV techniques with other Bridge Vid players

We think that we have gotten to the bottom of the problem about how to go about creating a way that Bridge Vid members can interact with eachother and try to organise a time to meet up and practice things with the Bridge Vid style. 

There is now a Practice Group set-up on the webpage.  Any registered BV-er is able to access the group and make posts in the forum about when you would like to play.  We are still trying to sort out the nuts and bolts of the feature and it will probably take a few weeks to get it under control.  Want to take a look and sign up?  Click HERE



Schedule June 28 - July 12
(all times are listed for Melbourne Australia)

29/6 Wednesday 11.00:  Featured lesson: Counting HCP to deliver the killing blow

30/6 - 7/6: We are away at the Australian National Championships

1/7 Friday: Bridge Vid 1st Birthday! Free 48 hour membership for new BV'ers. 

8/7 Friday 11.00: Kibitz the Pros (TBC)

8/7 Friday 12.00: Reboot your bridge

8/7 Friday 1.00 pm:  Featured lesson: Different systems

11/7 Monday 9.00: Beginners with Laura

12/7 Tuesday 3.00 pm:  Weekly Free tournament

To find out how to watch live or what time the session is in your part of the world click HERE


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