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Bridge Vid

 Make a plan, execute the plan.  Re-evaluate the plan if needed.

Journey to the Bowl

Pete and his partner Justin Howard will be representing Australia at the Bermuda Bowl in 2017.  Together with their captain Ben Thompson they are looking to formulate a training plan based on statistical analysis of their game.  Pete and Juzz will be producing a series called Journey to the Bowl which will cover their preparations for the event, some tricks that you can apply yourself and some general information and fun. Episodes will be produced monthly.  


Click here to see what Journey to the Bowl is about (Intro video)



Click here to see episode 1 of Journey to the Bowl


This week’s featured lesson:  Fourth suit forcing

Fourth suit forcing is a commonly used convention which is used to establish a game forcing auction after three suits (not no trumps) have been called by your partnership.  The convention gives you a way to continue the discussion with partner so that you can find the right game contract or even look for slam.  The beauty of the convention is that both players know that the contract can’t be passed below the game level.  Tune in to watch live at 11.00 Melbourne time on Thursday.  



Thanks for everyone who gave us feedback about what our next short course program should be.  We are going to be looking at endplays which are often viewed as an advanced concept.  The card play thought processes that lead to endplays are something that players of all skill levels can learn and benefit from.  A course program will be featured in next week’s newsletter.


This week’s 5 card ending problem

Problem #18
Clubs are trumps
South to lead
N/S are aiming to take 3/5 tricks



Last fortnight’s 5 card ending problem 

Problem #17
Clubs are trumps
South to lead
N/S are aiming to take 4/5 tricks

To find out the solution to last week’s problem click the link below


A full collection of the Double Dummy problems can be found at

OR click 5 card ending problems under “quick links” on the home page 



Short course programs to be included as a regular part of BV membership

Over the next couple of weeks we will be re-designing the short course area.  All short courses will be accessible to any financial member at any time!  Course duration periods will still apply but you will be able to retake a course after completing it.  


Live Triple Dummy Tomorrow

From 17.00 (5.00pm) Melbourne time tomorrow we will be hosting an episode of Triple Dummy.  The podcast program has been dormant for a few months but we are hoping to get it kick started again with an in studio (lounge room) panel.  Tune in live at

To watch past episodes of Triple Dummy click HERE


Schedule Thursday February 2 – Friday February 10 (Melbourne time) 

Thursday February 2
11.00 am
Featured lesson:  Fourth suit forcing  
Thursday February 2 13.00 pm Free daylong tournament
Friday February 3 12.00 am Reboot your bridge  
Monday February 6
12.00 pm Beginners with Laura: What happens when there is an opening lead out of turn
Tuesday February 7
15.00 pm Weekly free tournament
Thursday February 9 11.00 am Featured lesson:  Strategies in different formats of the game
Thursday February 9 13.00 pm  Free daylong tournament
Friday February 10 12.00 pm  Reboot your bridge 

 Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete




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