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Bridge Vid

Great players have x-ray vision

Double Dummy Problem

Problem #1

Diamonds are trumps, South to lead and ensure that NS can win
3/5 tricks no matter what EW do.

In the last week we were introduced to the idea of George Coffins 88.  This is the famous 88 card play problems that are supposed to illustrate the main endplay techniques in the game.  

This has led us to the idea of putting a double dummy problem into the newsletter each week.  Double Dummy problems represent the chess aspects of bridge and are a great source of torture for those of us who have the “I’m going to solve it myself before I look at the answer no matter what” mentality.

So here’s how it works….

You get to see all the cards but only the last 5.  The other 8 have been played, they don’t matter.  South makes the first lead and you will always have a goal. On our first problem, it’s south’s lead and the trumps are diamonds.  You must work out how North/South can win 3 out of the remaining 5 tricks no matter how hard the opponents try to win more!

The solution will be in next week’s newsletter,

(we also need a name for this segment- please email us if you have an idea)



Double Trouble!

In the lead up to the doubles course we thought that we would get you thinking about some different doubles.

Double Trouble #3: 

Click here to find out

Bridge Vid-er Kitty Muntz wins Coffs Coast Teams!

Kitty is a Melbourne local who is always off on an adventure.  When she isn’t exploring Antarctica, off on a bush walk, walking the plank at Hua Shan  or cringing at our newsletter spellin errorz she is at the bridge table as a dedicated student of the game.

Kitty, along with Leigh Gold, Vanessa Brown and Will Jenner O’shea took out the Coffs Congress teams over the weekend.  Great work on winning your first national event Kitty!



To watch a live Bridge Vid sessions live go to


This week’s featured lesson 11.00 am Wednesday (Aug 17): Inverted minors

This will be take 2 of this lesson.  Recently a B’Ver asked about inverted minors and we sent them to watch the first version.  Watching it made us realise just how far the website and our “film studio” has come in the last year.  Time to present the new and improved inverted minors!

Reboot your bridge: Friday 19 Aug 12.00 pm (Melbourne time) How to bid two suited hands as the opener

This week we will look at the strategy that the opener has with unbalanced hands.  Often players misrepresent their strength or length by not choosing the correct rebid when the auction comes back to them as the opener.  


Next week’s featured lesson 11.00 am Thursday (August 25): Take out doubles

The lesson on August 25 will help support the content from week 1 of our doubles short course.  Tune in to learn all about take out doubles and their responses. 


NEW TIME for the beginner’s live stream (Mon 12.00pm):  Finding major fits over minor suit fits

Beginner’s with Laura will now run from 12.00pm- 1.00pm on Monday afternoons rather than 9.00am.  Members who can’t make the live sessions at that time can watch past sessions at



 Jess Brake, Renee Cooper, Kirstyn Fuller, Cesca McGrath and Ella Pattison return from Italy with silver medals from the 2016 World Youth Championships.

Captain:  Ian Thomson Coach: Justine Beaumont


 Schedule August 17 – August 25 (all times are listed for Melbourne Australia)

Upcoming schedule (August 17 – August 25)

Wednesday 17/8 11.00 Featured lesson: Inverted minors
Wednesday  17/8 13.00 Challenge accepted: Frank O
Friday 19/8 12.00 Reboot your bridge:  Describing 2 suited hands as the opener
Monday 22/8 12.00 (NEW TIME) Beginners with Laura: looking for major fits before minor fits
Tuesday 23/8 15.00 Weekly free Tournament
Thursday 25/8 11.00 Featured lesson: Take out doubles
Thursday 25/8 13.00 Free daylong tournament



Doubles short course (Member only free promotion August 22- Sept 24)

 The next edition of our popular Short Course programs will be available free and exclusive to financial members from August 22-Sept 24.  The course will teach players of all skill levels the fundamental logic behind different doubling situations so that you will be able to more actively compete in auctions, double the opponents for penalty when it’s right and not be sitting there wondering what on earth partner’s double means!  

Initially we thought the program would run across 2 weeks but when we started putting it together we realised that we needed much more time!  We are looking at a 3 week course.  Each week’s content will be rolled out on a Monday mornings (August 22, 29 and September 5).  Members will have access to the course from August 22 – September 24.  After this time the course will be available for an additional charge of $49 AUD.

The planned course schedule is below.  If there is something in particular that you really want to see in the course but aren’t convinced from the schedule that we have included please don’t hesitate to let us know by email (


 Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete


Download (PDF, 610KB)

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