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Bridge Vid

May your Melbourne Cup sweeps win and your finesses work

Schedule November 9 – November 23 (Melbourne time) 


Thursday November 10
10.00 am  Featured lesson:  Uses for 2NT that aren’t natural
Tuesday November 15 (TBC) 15.00 pm Free Day long tournament
Thursday November 17 (TBC)
11.00 am
Featured lesson: (TBA- why not suggest a topic)
Monday November 21
12.00 pm Beginners:  the 1NT bid by responder
Tuesday November 22
15.00 pm Weekly Free Tournament

 From Thursday November 10 we will be away at the Australian Open Team Playoffs in Canberra.  It is likely that sessions will resume on Tuesday November 15 or Thursday November 17  (see below). 

This week’s 5 card ending problem


Problem #11
Clubs are trumps
South to lead
N/S are aiming to take all 5 tricks


Last week’s 5 card ending problem 

Problem #10
No trumps
South to lead
N/S are aiming to take 2 tricks

To find out the solution to last week’s problem click the link below


Australian Open Team Trials

On Thursday we will be heading to Laura’s home town (Canberra) to play in the Australian Open Team playoffs.  The event is 3x 128 board knockouts, each held over 2 days.  Pete’s team features Pete, Justin Howard, Peter Gill, Andrew Peake, David Beauchamp and Matthew Thomson who are one of the event favourites.  Laura’s team includes Neville Francis, Jamie Thompson, Chris Mulley and Tim Munro.  They will go in as underdogs against the LAZER team in their quarter final match but are hoping to stir up a bit of an upset.

Vugraph coverage is likely to begin in the semi finals (sarting Monday).  We won’t be able to run normal Bridge Vid sessions until one of us is knocked out.  Ideally we will be playing off in the final and won’t resume sessions until the 21st but you will probably see Laura for the weekly free on Tuesday November 15.

The event website is



Latest featured lesson on the home page

The most recent featured lesson will now be easily available as the front video on the home page.  Last week’s lesson was uses for 4C that aren’t Gerber.  Watch now at

To watch a session at a live time


Featured lesson:  Uses for 2NT that aren’t natural

2NT is probably the worst contract to play in!  You need to take 8/13 tricks and you don’t get a bonus if you make it.  It’s tough work and being a trick under or over makes for a bad score.  This week Pete will delve into some of the other uses for 2NT that aren’t natural and talk about the only times that it should be.  Thanks to a viewer for suggesting this topic after being inspired last week’s uses for 4C that aren’t Gerber lesson.


Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete  




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