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Bridge Vid 

Beauty is in the eye of the favourable bidder


THURSDAY 14 July featured lesson 11.00:
Card play logic

FRIDAY 15 July  Reboot your bridge 12.00 pm:
Playing in NTs – the race

Last week’s Poll- The results are in:  
How do you value your hand?

Have your say:  What’s the best hand you have held?
Click here to have your say


We’re back!

We had a great time up in Brisbane at the Australian
National Championships.  This is the first time that
I (Laura) have played in the ANC Butler Pairs.   I was
fortunate enough to have a game with Ben Thompson
who is on the Australian Open Team in Poland this

We encountered many local players
who were very keen to take on a high quality event
to learn and experience what a long national
event is like against top level compeition.  If you
don’t normally play in big events but have the
opportunity to do so please consider giving it a shot.

the results from the event can be found HERE

Last fortnight’s poll results:  How do you value your hand?


MLTC Quick tricks?  At Bridge Vid we aren’t really fans of the losing trick count.  If you are a fan, you might want to take a look at the MODERN LOSING TRICK COUNT.  Bridge Winners has a post about it HERE


This week’s poll: What’s the best hand that you have held?

Playing last night I picked up:

♠ void
♥ AKJ9xxx
♦ void
♣ KJxxxx

I was looking forward to a fun auction but instead I was in 4th position at favourable vulnerability.  The auction started with a 2D opening and partner passed.  After a raise to 5D by my vulnerable against not opponent I had to make my choice.  I chose 6H on the hand and the auction ended.

This was one of the best hands that I have ever picked up and it was all over so quickly.  This got me to wondering what great and glorious hands BV’ers have come across.  Vote on the best hand going around or post your own hand HERE

What’s your best hand?  Click here to have your say



This week’s featured lesson 11.00 Thursday (July 14): 
Card play logic

This week Pete will discuss how you can take your card play to the next level with sound card play logic.  What are the consequences if a finesse doesn’t work? How do you evaluate which line to take? How do you fill in the information blanks and use it to your advantage?


Reboot your bridge:  Friday 12.00 pm (Melbourne time)
Winning the race

When you play in NTs you are often taking part in a race.  Who can get their tricks quicker – the defence or declarer?  This week we will devle into how the race can impact the declarer’s plan. 

Next week’s featured lesson 1.00 pm Thursday (July 21): 
5NT pick a slam

What do you use 5NT for in “weird” auctions?  One great use is “partner, pick a slam”.  This wonderful convention allows you to get out of some sticky situations like when the opponents pre-empt and you need to get to slam.  

Want to watch a BV session live and interact?


Schedule June 28 – July 12
(all times are listed for Melbourne Australia)


Upcoming schedule (July 12 – 21)
Thursday 14/7 11.00 Featured lesson:  Card play logic
Thursday 14/7 14.00 Free day long tournament
Friday 8/7 12.00 Reboot your bridge:  The race in NTs
Friday 8/7 12.00
Boot Camp: NT Play
Monday 18/7 9.00 Beginners with Laura: Stayman explained
Tuesday 19/7 15.00 Weekly free Tournament
Thursday 21/7 11.00 5NT pick a slam
Thursday 21/7 14.00 Free daylong tournament


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