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Bridge Vid 

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THURSDAY featured lesson: 
Safety plays

This weeks Poll:  What external factors
affect your game?

Bridge Triv pilot:  Click here to watch

Click HERE for this week’s news in video!

This week’s poll:  What external factors affect your game?

 Time of day, noisy rooms, intimidating opponents, the speed of play, the length of the match and the talk at the table are all things that might affect your play and concentatration.  Being aware of these things is the first step to overcoming the effect that they have on your game.  Click HERE to have your say and find out what affects other players.  


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Bridge Trivia pilot

Last week we held our first session of Bridge Trivia.  If you missed the session you can now watch it live at  We did have to cut out a fair bit of round 1 out of four because of some problems with our background noise.  The event was good fun and gave us some good ideas for future Bridge Triv episodes.


This week’s featured lesson 11.00 Thursday:  Safety plays

If you are looking to improve your declarer play at IMPs scoring this is the session for you!  Safety plays focus on how you should play a hand to maximise your chances of making your contract even when things go wrong.  This lesson will help you be the player who made a contract when trumps broke badly when everyone else thinks there would be nothing that they could do.  


What are the odds?

Over the weekend we were playing in the Victor Champion Cup here in Melbourne.  
During the event there were 2 hands that really defied the odds.

The first was a hand with a complete straight (not a straight flush) with every card A-2

The second hand was a 5611 hand shape which had four of a kind.



This week’s schedule

June 16 – June 22

16/6 Thursday 11.00: Featured lesson: Safety plays

17/6 Friday 12.00:  Reboot your bridge:  NT play  

21/6 Tuesday: 15.00:  Weekly free tournament #55

22/6 Wednesday 11.00:  Featured lesson:  TBA (confirming a member request)

To find out how to watch live or what time the session is in your part of the world click HERE


Bridge Vid is about to have it’s first birthday!

July 1 will mark our first year as Bridge Vid.  What better way to celebrate than with a crowd?  We are looking to set up BV access for a 24 hour period to non members for July 1 but need to work out the tech side of it. 

If you have been trying to get your partner or friends on board this is the perfect opportunity.  More details to come soon.


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