Newsletter 72

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Bridge Vid

If 3NT is a possible contract, play it!

Schedule September 1 - September 15

Thursday September 1 11.00 am Featured lesson:  Putting Spring into your game
Thursday September 1 1.00 pm Free Daylong Tournament (Matchpoints)
Friday September 2 12.00 pm Reboot your bridge:  Responder's objectives 
Saturday September 3 12.00 pm Beginners with Laura: Shortage points
Tuesday September 6 3.00 pm Weekly free tournament
Thursday September 8 11.00 am Featured lesson:  The Lebensohl convention
Friday September 9 12.00 pm Reboot your bridge:  Responder's basic bids
Saturday September 10 12.00 pm Beginners with Laura:  Card play tips
Tuesday Septmber 13 3.00 pm Weekly free tournament
Thursday September 15 11.00 am Featured lesson: TBA
Thursday September 15 1.00 pm Free daylong tournament

NOTE: WE AREN'T EVEN GOING TO THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND THEY ARE STILL AFFECTING US! Laura is filling in for some Melbournians who are over in Poland and won't be around on Monday's for the beginner's session.  Instead it will run on Saturdays at midday during September

This week's 5 card ending problem

South to lead.  Clubs are trumps.  N/S to take 4/5 tricks


The solution will be posted in next week's newsletter



Last week's 5 card ending problem

South to lead.   Clubs are trumps.  N/S to take 3/5 tricks


To find out the solution to last week's problem click the link below



This week's doubles course content

This week's content looks at a variety of intermediate + doubling scenarios.  More experienced players will be able to cement their understanding of doubles and intermediate players will be introduced to some great uses for this versitile call.

  • Doubles by opener and advancer (including support doubles)
  • Converting take out doubles to penalty doubles
  • Balancing doubles
  • 1-2-3 double sequences (values, take out, penalty) and suit-1-3 sequences
  • Doubles when your side has a fit

It's great to hear that so many people are enjoying this course and really starting to understand the logic behind doubles in different scenarios.  If you know someone who would benefit from the course please make sure that you encourage them to get started with Bridge Vid. 

The course will be available for members (including anyone who signs up now) until September 24.  After this the course will become an additional paid product for $49.  

Click HERE to go to the short course (MEMBERS)


Hand of the week with Adam Kaplan

Last week Adam Kaplan was in town and staying with us.  We roped him in to taking on the Common Game Kibitz The Pros.  This hand was pretty interesting and shows a bit of a chess manoeuvre. (FREE)


A bit of controversy

We had a member get in touch who has just found the Daily Dose section and more specifically videos from our "Cringeworthy" section.

This is where we discuss the things that we constantly overhear that make us cringe.  We aren't sure where the sayings and habits come from but they must come from somewhere.  If you think any of these might apply to you take a look and see our thoughts on the topic. 


Glimpsing At Hand Records
Slave To HCP
Aces And Spaces
I need 8+ points to Stayman
My Suit Wins
I Didn’t bid game because I was vulnerable
Doubling With A Doubleton Major
Always Lead The Other Major
Waiting For You To Double
6-9 Points
I Had 13 Points
Stopping missing 1 ace/keycard
Needing Stoppers

 To take a look at the main daily dose page go to (members)

Other daily dose topics include Mini reboot your bridge, beginner's tips, the critical point, hand of the week, inferences, bidding tips, how good is...? and general bidding tips.

Want to watch a BV session live and interact?

To watch a session at a live time





Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete 



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