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Endplay technique course starts next week!

Gold Coast Congress 2017

We are off to the sunny Gold Coast on Friday.  The event is the largest event in Australia and everyone always has a wonderful time enjoying the sunshine, great bridge and a competition with such amazing organisation.  While we are away the normal sessions will not run but the weekly free tournament will be uploaded.  We will also be launching the short course and will send out an email on Monday morning with the link.  While we are away we will do our best to reply to emails within a day or two.  

If you are up at the event please make sure that you say hello and also join in at our celebrity speaker talk on Friday morning at 9.00.  We are using the talk to promote our Endplays course and really prove that players of all skill levels can perform endplays!


This week’s featured lesson:  The many different types of cue bid

There are so many types of cue bids!  Michaels cue bid, cue bididng to slam, cue bidding to look for a stopper, cue raises, cue bids after a take out double and more.  During this week’s lesson Pete will summarise the different types of cue bid and also give you some tips to help you decode which type of cue bid your partner is making in the auction.  Tune in live at 11.00. 



The great thing about endplays is that they are a skill that can be learnt.  Some new players find endplay concepts quite easy and some very experienced players can find them quite hard.  The key thing to know is that anyone can perform an endplay (you might have even done one accidentally)!  Our next short course program will begin on February 20.  This 10 lesson course will cover everything from the basic strategy through to how to build your game to keep endplays in mind.  Players of all skill levels will see improvement in their game and awareness of the cards upon completion of the Bridge Vid Endplays course.  If you are playing in the Gold Coast Congress we will also be running a Celebrity Speaker talk on the same topic on the Friday of the event from 9.00 – 9.45.


This week’s 5 card ending problem

Problem #20
Clubs are trumps
South to lead
N/S are aiming to take 4/5 tricks



Last week’s 5 card ending problem 

Problem #19
no trumps
South to lead
N/S are aiming to take 3/5 tricks

To find out the solution to last week’s problem click the link below


A full collection of the Double Dummy problems can be found at

OR click 5 card ending problems under “quick links” on the home page 



Short course programs to be included as a regular part of BV membership

All short courses will be accessible to any financial member at any time!  Course duration periods will still apply but you will be able to retake a course after completing it.  


Schedule Thursday February 16 – Friday March 3

Thursday February 16
11.00 am
Featured lesson:  The many different types of cue bids
Friday February 17
– Sunday February 26
13.00 pm We will be away at the Gold Coast Congress.  We will be hosting a live Celebrity Speaker Talk at the event on Friday Feb 24.  The WFIT will also be uploaded on Tuesday or Wednesday of the week.  This will also be the first week of the new short course program on endplays. 
Monday Feb 27 12.00 pm Beginners:  When to compete and when to let the opponent’s play (technical difficulties last week)
Tueday Feb 28 15.00 pm Weekly free tournament
Thursday March 2 11.00  Featured lesson:  Interesting hands from the Gold Coast
Thursday March 2 13.00  Free daylong tournament
Friday March 3 12.00 pm Reboot your bridge

Thanks for your support
Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete




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