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Bridge Vid 

You never stop learning this game


WEDNESDAY featured lesson: 
Bidding as responder with a weak hand

WEDNESDAY NIGHT:  Bridge Trivia with Justin Howard,
Andy Hung and Ben Thompson

The importance of masterpoints: The results are in

Live session interuptions

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The results are in from last week’s poll…….



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Bridge Trivia:  Wednesday night 7.45 pm (approx)

On Wednesday night Ben Thompson (2016 Aus rep to Poland) will battle Justin Howard (Pete’s regular partner) and Andy Hung (professional teacher and our current house guest who has been roped into this) in the first ever edition of Bridge Vid trivia.  We predict the young guns will be shown up by Ben but who knows what knowledge the boys have lurking in there.  Join in live at to see how you would fare.



This week’s featured lesson 11.00 Wednesday:  Bidding as a weak responder

Your partnership might find that you sometimes get far to high in the bidding.  This might be because the responder doesn’t accurately describe their points and shape wiht a weak hand or alternatively that the opener doesn’t correctly deduce what responder has said.  Join us on Monday to find out how the responder should bid with a weak hand.


Schedule interuptions

There will be no featured lesson on Thursday June 9.  The lesson will run on Wednesday June 8 at 11.00am.

No reboot your bridge this week.  The next session will be on Friday June 17.

There will be no beginners or Talk Back on Monday June 13.  The beginners session will run on Wednesday June 15 at 10.00 am.  The next Talk Back session will be Monday June 20.



This week’s schedule

June 8 – June 17

8/6 Wednesday 11.00: Featured lesson: Bidding as a weak responder

8/6 Wednesday 19.45: Bridge Trivia

14/6 Tuesday: 15.00:  Weekly free tournament #54

15/6 Wednesday 11.00:  Beginners with Laura

16/6 Thursday  11.00: Featured lesson: bidding as responder with a weak hand

To find out how to watch live or what time the session is in your part of the world click HERE


Bridge Vid is about to have it’s first birthday!

July 1 will mark our first year as Bridge Vid.  What better way to celebrate than with a crowd?  We are looking to set up BV access for a 24 hour period to non members for July 1 but need to work out the tech side of it. 

If you have been trying to get your partner or friends on board this is the perfect opportunity.  More details to come soon.


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