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Season’s Greetings from Bridge Vid

We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and friends and maybe with a bridge free day or two in the mix.  It’s now the time that many people start to work on their New Year’s resolutions.  We might just have the thing to help.  Attached is a list of all the featured lessons that you can save to your computer and then click on the links to go to the videos.  It’s a great tool to begin a training plan for 2017.  The first page of the document is also a questionnaire that we have put together to give us an idea of which segments appeal to people the most.  It will help us in building our 2017 program so please take the time to fill it in an email it through or even put together a quick email on your general thoughts to help shape Bridge Vid to what you would like.  


This week’s 5 card ending problem

Problem #17
Clubs are trumps
South to lead
N/S are aiming to take 4/5 tricks



Last fortnight’s 5 card ending problem 

Problem #16
No trumps
South to lead
N/S are aiming to take 5/5 tricks

To find out the solution to last week’s problem click the link below


A full collection of the Double Dummy problems can be found at

OR click 5 card ending problems under “quick links” on the home page 




This week’s featured lesson:  The law of total tricks

Santa must have been on a reconnaissance mission last Thursday and interfered with all the signals floating around out there because our technology was not working at all.  Because of this, the lesson will run this Thursday at 11.00.   “The Law”  is a fascinating thing to learn about for players of all skill levels.  It can greatly assist with when to compete and when to sacrifice.  Tune in live at to watch live. 



February short course ideas

We are quite adamant that the next short course will be a card play topic but we are open to suggestions on exactly what it should be.  Our favourite idea so far is Endplays but we would love to know if you have another idea.

Please remember that the reboot your bridge short course (members can access anytime) looks into planning the play as declarer and we have a full set of daily dose features on suit combos.

Click here to go to the reboot your bridge course (members)

Click here to go to the suit combos daily dose topics (members)

If you have an idea for a short course please email us at

Schedule December 28 – Friday January 6 (Melbourne time) 

Thursday December 28
11.00 am
Featured lesson: The law of total tricks
Friday December 16 12.00 pm Reboot your bridge
Monday January 2
12.00 pm Beginners:
Tuesday January 3
15.00 pm Weekly free tournament
Thursday Januray 5
11.00 am Featured lesson:  TBA
Thursday January 6 13.00 pm Free daylong tournament

 Thanks for your support Happy Bridge Vid-ing, Laura and Pete




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