Support your club tournament play checklist

This checklist is for your own personal use. Completing each item will ensure that you have a smooth online playing experience and maximise your enjoyment.

Online play home

Checklist item Tick if yes Where to go for more help
Do you have a BBO Id?   CLICK HERE
Are you comfortable using BBO    
Do you know your partner’s BBO id?   Ask them
Has your partner signed up as a player with Bridge Vid?   Ask them, this is essential!
Are you comfortable with signing up for a tournament (registration opens 2 hours before the tournament)   CLICK HERE
Do you know how to execute these specific BBO commands?    
·         Alerting before making a bid   CLICK HERE
·         Alerting after making a bid   Coming soon
·         Claiming/conceding   CLICK HERE
·         Reviewing auction during play   CLICK HERE
·         Reviewing last trick   CLICK HERE
·         Chat to table   CLICK HERE
·         Undo   CLICK HERE
·         Looking at your results during a match   CLICK HERE
·         Looking at other table results during a match   CLICK HERE
·         Enquiring about your opponent’s bid   CLICK HERE
·         Allowing your opponent’s undo/claim/concession   Coming soon
·         Reviewing results after a match   Coming soon
·         Confirm bids (optional)   CLICK HERE
Do you know about the payment and pricing?   CLICK HERE
Do you know about our Discord service?
(this isn’t essential but is our link for the support your club community interactions)


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