Important information about our online play tournaments

As many of you know the ABF has entered an arrangement with BBO which allows Australian Clubs to run paid and Masterpointed sessions on the platform. There are many clubs (including Bill at Northern) who are running these sessions.

Since we began running sessions online we have been pushing for Masterpoints to be allocated for online games and we are very happy that the ABF has provided for this. Bridge Vid is not an affiliated club (and has no intention of affiliating) however, we strongly believe that players should be taking part in Masterpointed games where there is an option.

Our online games through BBO will be gradually phased out by the end of May. Although we are wrapping up our online play sessions with BBO have a new and exciting online play initiative that we can’t wait to share with you. There will be more details on this in the coming week or two.

Here is our schedule for sessions until the end of May. Sessions with a strikethrough will not be held. Our final game to be on Saturday May 30th at 1.30pm.

Week May 11-17

Monday May 11th 3.00pm
Tuesday May 12th 7.30pm
Wednesday May 13th 3.00pm
Thursday May 14th 1.00pm
Thursday May 14th 7.30pm
Friday May 15th 7.30pm
Saturday May 16th 1.30pm
Sunday May 17th 1.30pm


Week May 18-24

Monday May 18th 3.00pm
Tuesday May 19th 7.30pm
Wednesday May 20th 3.00pm
Thursday May 21st 1.00pm
Thursday May 21st 7.30pm

Friday May 22nd 7.30pm
Saturday May 23rd 1.30pm
Sunday May 24th 1.30pm

Week May 25-31

Monday May 25th 3.00pm
Tuesday May 26th 7.30pm
Wednesday May 27th 3.00pm
Thursday May 28th 1.00pm
Thursday May 28th 7.30pm

Friday May 29th 7.30pm
Saturday May 30th 1.30pm
Sunday May 31st 1.30pm

We have taken into account the sessions that are available at other clubs while planning our phase out. We encourage you to contact Bill Jacobs at Northern Bridge Club who is happy to welcome you at his paid and Masterpointed games or the VBA which is running a variety of paid Masterpointed sessions and free games featuring different scoring formats.

Here is a link to the Northern Bridge Club webpage

And the link to the VBA BBO tournaments page