Week 5: Lesson videos

Responding without a fit

When the responder doesn't have a fit with the opener's first suit, they want to continue the bidding conversation and try to find another fit. Their first criteria is needing 6+ points if they want to make any bid (otherwise they should pass). Then they will generally bid a new 4+ card suit, suggesting that suit as trumps. The responder does need to be aware of "the catch". This is that they must have 10+ points if they want to make a call at the two level. With only 6-9 points they can only call at the one level.

Bidding fundamentals

What should be trumps?
- How high should we go?
- How many cards in a suit are promised with each bid
- Point ranges (minimum, medium and maximum) for opener and responder
- Card play tips

Videos about bidding as the responder/strong>

Responder's objectives

Responder's basic bids

Responder's bids without support

Giving preference (one of the hardest concepts in bridge)

Videos about bidding as the opener

Bidding single suited hands

Bidding two suited hands

Bidding balanced hands (note 1NT and 2NT openings are covered next week)

Summary on bidding as the opener

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