How important are Masterpoints?

Many countries issue Masterpoints to players for wins. Masterpoints are used as an indication of player ability with different levels of rankings.

It’s great to have a method to track your improvement progress and events need a measure to use for restricted categories.

Some people believe that Masterpoints don’t actually do this because they are a record of attendance rather than a measure of skill and that the method can be abused by players who only play socially or in unaffiliated clubs.

What do you think? How important are Masterpoints to you and do you think they are an accurate measure for skill level

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1 Comment on “How important are Masterpoints?

  1. For myself personally they don’t mean anything. What means something to me is doing well and improving together in a partnership and sharing the highs and getting through the lows with my partner. I don’t think any top bridge players give a crap about masterpoints do they? If someone asks me how many masterpoints I have it sets the alarm bells ringing.

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