Talk Back

Talk Back will replace the Hang 10 segment on Monday evenings at 19.00 Melbourne time. This segment is dedicated to you! This is your opportunity to ask any bridge question, ask for opinions on hands and generally talk about all things bridge.

There are many ways that you can take part in the segment. Ideally we would love to get you on Skype live and discuss your topic. If you would like to submit a topic but don't want to be live on Skype during the session that is ok as well.

o take part in the Talk Back segment you will simply need to send us an email at or submit a topic on the Talk Back Forum HERE. All topics submitted via the forum and email will be posted on the Forum page where BV members can make comments.

If you are willing to Skype during the session please don't forget to send us your Skype username so that we can add you live.