Category: Triple Dummy

Episode 15 – Nice Rant

In this episode of Triple Dummy we have two special guests – Sartaj Hans and Justin Howard. We discuss the recent events – The American National (The Vanderbilt) and the Tasmania National.

Episode 11 – Time For A Break

In this Triple Dummy podcast we have special guest Liam Milne. We discuss topics such as the new BBOH device, recent results, thoughts on different scoring methods, Action from the ground in Denver, and tips on choosing which piece of information should we use.

Episode 10 – And Then

In this Triple Dummy podcast we discuss a few topics that were trending on, which where ethics training and ideas on improving vugraph.  We also discuss results from Denver, NZ trials, and Victorian Pennant.  We also discussed tips on when to pre-empt.  We had some technical issues in the middle of the podcast.  Sorry Read More …