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Where is the Brainery?

What are the parking arrangements, facilities and access at Pixel

Who is the Brainery for?

When are the sessions?

What happens at the Brainery sessions?

What is the cost?

How do I contact the Brainery?


Where is the Brainery?

The Brainery is hosted at the Pixel Café and Bar 1279 North Road Huntingdale.  Although Pixel’s address is on North road in reality it is on the corner the North service Road and Huntingdale road. You can only access the service road from Huntingdale Road.  The best way to get there is the train.  Huntingdale station is less than 100m walk away.


What are the parking arrangements, facilities and access at Pixel

There are various 2-4 hour parking spots along Huntingdale Road and the North road service road.  There is an access ramp and disabled toilet.  A light lunch, snacks and your first coffee is included in the price of your session however, you can also purchase additional items directly from Pixel. 

By night, Pixel operates as a bar and prides itself on it’s selection of craft beers which are regularly changed. 


Who is the Brainery for?

At this stage the Brainery caters to players who already play the game however, in the future, we will be looking to run beginners courses.  The session format caters for all skill levels.  Some regulars include players who have just learnt Stayman through to multiple time state representatives!

And yes, you can certainly come without a partner!

 When are the sessions?

The Brainery is open from 9.00 – 4.00 every Thursday, you can come for as little or as long as you like.  There are two structured session times (10.00-11.00 and 1.30-2.30) where everyone plays the same boards (most people only do one).  Outside of this time there are various different options for how you could spend your time.


What is the cost?

$20 if you are staying for one structured session or $25 if you wish to attend both.  This also includes your first coffee, snacks and a light lunch.


How do I contact the Brainery?

Laura and Pete can be contacted by email:

If you can, please avoid contacting Pixel directly unless you are having problems finding the venue on the day or leave something behind as we are simply operating out of the Café, they have nothing to do with the bridge side of things.


What happens at the Brainery sessions?

The best way to find out about what happens at the Brainery is to come and give it a try.  This is because we aim to provide a customised experience to every player.  As a general idea, everyone who has come to the Brainery so far has played in the structured session(s).  Outside of this most people have participated in the after session discussion and then been involved in additional bridge activities such as online lessons, problem packs (eg. endplays) or quizzes. 

Here are some various player experience possibilities

Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Arrive 30-45 minutes before the structured session.

Grab a coffee, meet up with partner and discuss the hands we played last week.


Play the structured session.  Grab lunch (included) and maybe a wine, coffee or one of the ever-changing beers that are on tap and enjoy the discussion about the boards.


If I’m up to it, watch a lesson or a topic of interest or do a bridge activity. Otherwise maybe more coffee and chat.

Arrive keen as mustard to learn a particular convention!  After a quick discussion with Laura or Pete, grab a coffee while they are setting up a video lesson on the topic for me to watch.   


After completing the lesson it might be time to take part in the structured session or who knows, you might have become so caught up in it that you are down the rabbit hole and can’t stop delving further or have found more questions that need answering.  

Arrive and get stuck into the free weekly tournament.  Sometimes my partner comes and we both play it together but most of the time they are running late.


After playing the structured session we might prefer to read the information about the boards that we played rather than participating in the group discussion. 


Occasionally I might get a last minute call to pick up grandkids, if not I find watching two 5 minute lessons over a coffee or wine is the best way to finish the day.  

Arrive with a prearranged topic in mind to work on individually or as a group. 


Depending on the time needed it could be an all day project with breaks grazing on food and coffee or something that can be solidified in an short amount of time to allow for playing in the structured sessions. 


If it’s arranged in advance, Laura can provide boards on a particular topic (currently a free service).  

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