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Hi all, it's Laura here.

The Bridge Brainery is my pet project for Bridge Vid.  It's probably no surprise to anyone that Pete's strengths lie in the technology and development of top notch videos and mine lie in face to face lessons.  The Brainery is my solution to providing easy access to bridge learning for Melbourne based students by delivering innovation, culture, flexibility and technology to live teaching.



So what is it?

It's not a dupilcate bridge club!  Keep playing duplicate bridge at bridge clubs.

The Brainery is a niche bridge learning environment to complement your bridge playing experiences.  Of course, you will be playing but it's all about understanding and appreciation of the great game that we love and having a great time while doing it!  The sessions for the Brainery will be at Pixel Cafe Bar in Huntingdale.  I stumbled upon Pixel in the hunt for great coffee in my local area.  Boy did I find it!

Pixel is the perfect home for the Brainery.  The owner Sean is great.  He is happy to give it a crack and although he is used to serving jaffles, chips and nachos he is open to anything.  One of our first conversations about this included "you want cucumber sandwiches, I will make cucumber sandwiches". 

Pixel has the capabilities to deliver a bridge venue like no other.  The tech setup is amazing and this very "Melbourne" venue is conducive to the Brainery atmosphere.  Every session will also feature complementary tea and coffee and plenty to graze on. This unique approach to teaching will offer customised content delivery to suit a wide variety of learning styles and skill levels.

So as a summary of what the Brainery is:

A learning focused bridge venue that will provide tailored teaching in a fun and relaxed environment with like minded people.  In addition to regular sessions, the beauty of the brainery will be that it is flexible, inclusive and will have a culture like no other.

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