4 Comments on “Counting out 2 suits

    1. Hi Bill,
      They could have led a 5 card minor (and you would assume they normally would).
      This leads us to alot of other inferences that can be taken.
      Why didn’t they lead it?
      Here’s a possible scenario….
      Without having actual holdings of the cards it could be something like they have KQ9x in hearts and both minor suit Aces with no other honours. To beat the contract they might be hoping to set up hearts and then use the minor suit aces as entries. This rationale would come about because to set up hearts for 3 tricks they don’t need much from partner. If partner holds the JH they might be able to score 3 hearts and 2 aces to beat it. To set up the other suit they will need more HCP from partner outside of the spades that they pre-empted.

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