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  1. Counting down suits.
    When you are counting the cards in each hand whose hand do you start with?
    It seems you flip them around with the cards to fit into patterns? – the combos you have listed?
    Do you have a system I am not seeing?

    1. Hi Sue,
      I believe every person will have a slightly different way of doing this.
      Personally, When I know the count on a suit I remember it in terms of what the pattern was (longest to shortest) Eg. 5422 rather than 5224.
      Most of the time I can then remember which player had which length. If It’s one that I think I might forget I try to commit one of the players with a tricky holding to memory. Eg If I knew a suit was 1-2 with two players I might try to remember which player just had a singleton.
      Another thing that I find really helps is committing your shape and dummy’s shape to memory. This always gives you a reference point.
      Hope this helps, Laura

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