Quick info guide for support your club tournaments

Registrations that are required
1. Registration with Bridge Vid so that we have your contact details and can add you to our list of allowed players (you only need to do this once).

2. You need to have a BBO login and it’s a good idea to know your partner’s BBO login.

3. Each time you want to play a tournament one player in the partnership will need to sign up on BBO.  Both players need to be online at the time of registration. You can sign up from 2 hours before the tournament Eg. sign up between 11am and 1pm for an 1.00 start time).  Here is a video which covers the registration process.

You can register then sign out and log back in before the start of the tournament (Eg. register at 11.30 then log back in at 12.50 for a 1.00 tournament start).


Session details
You will play 18 boards (3 boards per opponent).  You will then be automatically moved to another table.

The scoring is matchpoints

There will be a round clock (bottom left of your screen probably)  We will aim to get the rounds down to 6 minutes per board but will allow extra time for the first few rounds.  If you don’t complete your hands in time they are cut off midway through and you are moved to your next table!


Expectations of players at the table
Please ensure that you alert any bids which require an alert before you make the bid!  This way they will be in instantly available for your opponents.  If you forget, you will need to click on your bid and can then alert afterwards.  Remember, on BBO you alert your own bids, not your partners.

Be nice, courteous and patient if your opponents are having difficulties.

Ideally type a mini system summary at the start of every round (Eg. Standard, 15-17, Bergen raises, transfer responses to 1C).

Use the chat area to say hello and thank your opponents for the game.


If you are stuck.
Chat on BBO to lkginnan, sliynk, bjacobs
Email: bridgevid@gmail.com
Call: Laura 0411 694 248 or Pete 0409 504 108


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