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  1. I had a hand at a teams match on the weekend…
    East opens 2H weak, me as South bids, 2NT with KJxx Ax AKx K9xx (double maybe better as Ax is not really a stopper) partner transfers to spades and we end up in 4S.
    Heart lead and partner comes down with this. A10xxx x Qxxx Jxx
    I guessed Spades wrong as West had Qxx so i needed to avoid 3 diamond losers…and since I got Spades wrong I needed clubs to be 3-3 to execute the end play and not rely on D hook. (Other options depending on club break as i think I could end play west if east had Q10xx in D’s and doubleton C but anyway I wouldn’t of seen that at the table I don’t think) I drew trumps, roughed heart, played on clubs that did break 3-3 then played a Diamond with east playing the 7 and I put in the 9 making contract.
    It was nice to see the end play in diamonds as an option from trick one…

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