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Players who are keen to improve their skills and immerse themselves in the bridge aspects of the holiday can play bridge nearly all day everyday!  If you want more of a balance between R+R and bridge you can pick and choose which sessions you would like to attend.  No session is compulsory.

Friday evening: After you have settled in and had dinner there will be a opening duplicate. Your more than welcome to play with your partner but you could do that anywhere! Why not join in as an individual and have the opportunity to play with a few different partners over the night.

Saturday morning (approx 9.30 -11.30): There’s no easing into it! We are hitting the ground running with a workshop on doubles. Depending on skill level and numbers, we may divide the group and you can choose from basic or advanced doubles. As with all of the workshops, notes will be provided and there will be practice hands.

Saturday afternoon (approx 1.30 – 4.00): Duplicate play with analysis and discussion or you might prefer explore the island.

Saturday evening (approx 7.45 – 9.45): Workshop: How to take more tricks as declarer. During this workshop we will reveal our secret tips to taking more tricks when you play a hand. There will be plenty of hands to play and test out your new skills.

Sunday morning (approx 10.00-12.30): Duplicate play with analysis and discussion (hint: this session will feature some hands to put Saturday nights tips to work) or you might prefer to explore the island.

Sunday afternoon (approx 2.00 – 4.00): Workshop: Top tips in defence. Defence is one of the hardest areas of your game to improve. During this workshop we will discuss everything from what to discard through to signals. WARNING: be prepared for a lot of counting and deductions!

Sunday evening (approx 7.45 – 9.45): Workshop: How to bid good slams and stay out of bad slams. During this workshop we will discuss our slam bidding philosophy and particularly look into how important hand visualisation is. There will be tonnes of boards to play with lots of HCPs and lots of distribution! We don’t want to introduce many new bidding gadgets but we will be happy to discuss any questions with each partnership.

Monday morning: Farewell breakfast and a discussion of our 5 favourite conventions. During this time we will also discuss what conventions you might want to use at various skill levels and also what the pros and cons of common conventions are.

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