How To Play Stayman

In this featured lesson I discuss the basics of Stayman, which situations it applies in and then what continuations are.

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  1. Howdy. I am wondering how you show ST with 5+/5+ in the majors. Ran into a problem hand where I had a ST with a 5530. (Used 4C’s and was awkward) I’m thinking the below overall structure could work OK.
    Weak hands obviously Garbage Stayman.
    G.F. only hands: 5/4 – Smolen convention
    6/4 – 4-level Smolen
    5/5(+) – 4C
    Slam Tries: 5/5(+)- TRF to S then bid 3H (3S then accept ST in Spades, 4C accept ST in H’s and have 3NT as 22(54))
    6/4 – 4-level Smolen using 4C/4D
    Invitational Hands 5/4 – There is none
    5/5 – Transfer to Hearts at the 2-level then bid 2S
    Your ideas here would be gold. I maybe over complicating it. It doesn’t feel like we are losing much by using TRF’s like this as with both majors it seems relatively easy to make a decision between G.F. and a weak hand.

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