Bidding Boxes

Bidding boxes are an alternative to bidding slips/pads. They are used throughout the Summer Festival of Bridge. If you haven't ever used them before why not take a look at what it's like to play with them?

Tips for using bidding boxes

- Place your thumb on the bid that you want to make and place your index finger behind
EVERYTHING. If you then pinch and grab, you will pull out the right number of cards.

- If you knock over a bidding box and they go everywhere don't worry, it happens all the time.

- When you use bidding slips they are often left on the table which means that you will be able to see the contract anytime during the hand. When you use bidding boxes the bids are put away after the opening lead. You can ask for a review of the auction at your turn to play to trick one but after that stage, you can only ask what the contract is. This is actually as it should be as per the Laws of bridge.

- If you have never used bidding boxes before make sure that you come along to the Tuesday night welcome session to learn how.

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