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  1. Hi Pete. I loved your 2nd example hand, board 18, first session. I sat West declaring 4H. I won CK lead with Ace, and led a low heart to my hand, followed by a low heart towards the table. North showed out, discarding C2, a McKenny signal for a diamond. So I won HA and drew the last trump with K. I wanted to be able to now lead a small spade through South, trying to make it difficult for him to hop up with an honour. Fortunately , he ducked, and North won the trick with SK. North cashed CQ and exited with a low diamond, which I let run to my DQ. I then gave up SA for 10 tricks.
    South should have thought that if SK is with West, the contract is making anyway, so fly the Ace, but if it’s with North a diamond switch is needed.
    I noticed that on your play that your North also discarded C2. Sue

    1. Hi Sue

      That is nice play – pulling the spade from the dummy and putting north on lead, it is much harder for them to beat the contract from their side – they have to avoid a diamond switch but all the suits look like they give up tricks even though they don’t. Good reasoning about south thinking they need their partner to have the spade king to have a chance and fly.


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