Takeout Doubles

In this featured lesson I discuss what a Takeout double is and what it shows, how to respond to it, and some of the odd times to make takeout doubles.

2 Comments on “Takeout Doubles

  1. Hi Pete, I’ve learned a lot after your lesson, thanks.
    One of your examples was: (1D)P(1S)X = I have at least 4c in both unbid suits. What would you bid if your hand as a doubler was: xx, AKJxx, xx, AKQx ? Regards, jolanta

    1. Hi Jolanta

      With a really good hand with a 5 card Major I would prefer to overcall 2H rather than double. If they hand was closer to a minimum hand for over calling say xx, Axxxx, xx, AKxx then I would prefer a double. If it was ever a choice of overcalling or doubling and I had a 5 card minor instead I would always double.


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