Bridge At Home

The idea:
Everyday people who know absolutely nothing about cards can play a bridge like card game that is great fun. Perfect for families, social groups etc.

Long term:
They will all fall in love with the fun and want to learn real bridge!

4 stage program
1 – Tricks and Trumps with a partner
2 – a Dummy and declarer can choose trumps after they see dummy
3 – verbal auction to choose trumps and introduce bonus scoring (Eg. game contracts)
4 – introduce bidding and how it works

A video that shows them how to play and also a 1-2 page print out for each stage.

Each stage will be able to be played as an individual game, there is no need to even move to the next stage if they are having fun.

What do you think of the idea?

3 Comments on “Bridge At Home

  1. I a long time ago I was away at a weekend with some people and we decided to play 500. I got them to modify the game so that
    1. a player could bid after passing (cf having to stay silent in normal 500 rules).
    2. declarer’s partner faced their hand as a dummy to be controlled by declarer after the opening lead
    They found that this made a much more interesting game with much more strategy and less guesswork..
    As many people can play 500, this may be a useful transition strategy to interest them in Bridge.
    Neville Cook

  2. Hi Pete,
    I am very interested in my grandchildren learning the joys of card games & ultimately bridge. ( My love of cards came from watching my parents playing Solo. ) It seems to me, children spend a lot of time on devices so if that time could be directed into a fun learning card activity it would be fantastic.
    Thank you for your initiative & ideas

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