Sober and Sick!

So here it is, the first ever (non test) Bridge Vid Blog post.

After coming back from the glorious weather up in Queensland we have really been hit with Melbourne winter.  We have both been sick with a cough type thing for the last week or so which hasn’t been fun.

Since getting back we have also been pretty busy with LOTS going on.  Firstly, trying to catch up on things from when we were away (sorry if we didn’t get back to all the emails).  We also wanted to get going on a massive presentation overhaul.  We have updated the newsletter presentation and are hoping to release the brand new Bridge Vid home page design tomorrow!

We have also had a bit of a surprise when we got back….Our landlords have decided to sell our rental property!  The place is up for auction on June 18 and we have 4 weeks of open house inspections leading up to it which will of course keep us busy.

The house being sold and our plans to overhaul the website probably actually came at a good time.  Our NYE resolution was to do Maysober and have a month off alcohol.  We are two weeks in and going strong.  The tough parts have been resisting the desire to have a beer after fence painting and when we have been at the point of wanting to throw the computer out the window because of tech issues.  We have had some real supporters in our endeavor but have also had some people who have been out to make us crack, resisting a 1997 Wynns Michael Shiraz magnum was pretty tough.

Here is a sneak peek at the new front page!

front page


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