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  1. I’ve been playing duplicate bridge for 2 years now and still have trouble with bidding. Especially when partner bids a suit I don’t have, I have less than 6 points but a 5 card suit other than my partners suit. If I have a K or Q in the 5 card suit do I bid that suit or pass.

    1. Hi Joan, that is a very tricky question. It depends on vulnerability, how short you are in your opponents suit, how good your suit is, and how will you handle their rebids. They might rebid 2NT or 2 or 3 of their suit all of which well get you much worse off. Ability to bid your suit at the 1 level is another feature. If you can bid your suit at the level and really don’t like your partners suit and like your own I would suggest bidding it, otherwise I would tend to pass. I am also more inclined to bid when partner has bid 1C than any of the other suits. I hope this helps.

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