Week 1: Taking more tricks as declarer

When declaring a hand we always want to look to take more tricks than we deserve.

After the opening lead, declarer should always try to make a plan for the hand.

Making a plan involves many steps and it takes time and practice to improve in this area. The great thing about improving your declarer play is that it is something that can be improved at home as an individual.

There are various books and computer programs that can help. My recommendations are Planning the play of a bridge hand by Barbara Seagram and David Bird (available as a book or computer program) and the BridgeMaster2000 Audrey Grant edition computer program.

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Taking more tricks as declarer summary

No trump example hands

Suit contract example hands

Week 2 Limiting your hand
Answers + 2 extra pages for the limiting your hand quiz. Please note that the answers assume
that 12-15 is minimum and 16-18 is medium. If you play 15-17 1NT you will need to imagine the answers
as minimum 12-14 and medium 15-17

Download (PDF, 213KB)

Download (PDF, 226KB)

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