Bidding Balanced Hands As Opener

In this featured lesson I discuss how to show the different point ranges of balanced hands, what to do when partner responds at the 2 level, if you should bid suits up the line, how to treat hands with 5 card Majors, competitive auctions, and some semi balanced hands.

3 Comments on “Bidding Balanced Hands As Opener

  1. Hi Pete, thanks for your video on bidding balanced hands as opener. I find this very helpful for reaching agreements with partners on bidding balanced hands.
    A couple of questions:
    1. What is opener’s rebid with an 18-19 point balanced hand, when partner responds 1NT? For example: 1C 1NT; or 1H/S 1NT?
    2. When using 1C transfers, how do you recommend the bidding should proceed with an 18-19 point balanced hand after a transfer response?
    Regards, Dell Macneil

    1. Hi Dell

      1) I would usually bid 3NT with a balanced 18-19 after a 1NT response. With a really bad 18 or a good 17 that I didn’t open 1NT I might bid 2NT.

      2) With transfer responses I prefer to show my 18-19 balanced instead of accepting the transfer or anything else so I will rebid 2NT regardless of it I have support for the suit they transferred to. If your partner knows this they will still check for a 5-3 fit after.


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