Interpreting Your Partner’s Lead

As we spend half our time defending it is important to improve this section of your game and the first thing you can do is improve your understanding of leads and what they mean.


3 Comments on “Interpreting Your Partner’s Lead

  1. Hi Pete. Just watching your video on Interpreting Partner’s Lead. Essentially so far you have confirmed the leads I have been using since I was a beginner.
    However, I need some advice about a lead agreement proposed by one of my newer partners. She tells me that some expert players are now leading their highest card in a suit when they have agreed that suit during the bidding. The rationale for this is that partner now knows which is the highest card in declarer’s hand.
    Do you believe that this is a useful approach? My partner has only been able to give me a brief verbal description of this approach, so I do not fully understand the rationale or the mechanism of using it. For example, with an interior sequence (KJ109xx), it goes against all my instincts to lead the K.
    If you feel this is a useful new approach to leads, could you please give me or refer me to a clear description of its rationale and the mechanism for using it.
    Many thanks.
    Dell Macneil

    1. Hi Dell, I am not a fan of that idea of leading your highest card. There are many different suit combinations where that means you can not get the maximum number of tricks any more. I like sticking to original style leads at least for leading honours. I would lead top from 3 small in a suit I have supported partner in though.

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