2 Comments on “How Good Is Opening 1NT

  1. Great advice thank you Pete and it expands my boundaries on 1NT openings. I once opened a 20-22 HCP 5422 hand with good doubletons 2NT with great result.

    How do you feel about a strong (15-18 HCP) 4441 hand where RHO opens one of your 4 card suits for which you have good stopper(s)? Would you overcall 1NT with a singleton Ace or high singleton honour? Regards Bernhard.

    1. I think you can overcall 1NT on more extreme shapes then you can open 1NT just because your options are more limited, so I would consider overcalling 1NT on a 4441 shape when my opponent opens one of my 4 card suits. I don’t think my singleton has to be an honour at all just because you are so stuck for a bid. I try and avoid opening 1NT on 4441 shapes but you can consider it with singleton K or A.

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