About Hang 10

Hang 10
Hang 10

Play the same boards as Pete and compare your results

Live on Monday afternoons 3.00 pm (Melbourne time)

How Hang 10 works
Each week members receive a Lin (BBO) file with the newsletter. You can then upload the file into Bridge Base and play the hands against robots or other live players. Make sure you sit South because Pete sits South. You can then watch Pete play the boards live or from the video library.

Tech requirements
You will need to download the Lin file to your computer and then upload it to BBO. This is a bit tricky for the first couple of times but our video tutorial shows you how. You will also need a BBO account and other players or BBO robots ($1 USD per week). Make sure that you sit in the south seat because that's where Pete sits!

Click here to learn how to upload a lin file
Click here for past Hang 10 episodes

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