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    1. Hi Graeme,
      Technically 1NT doesn’t need to be alerted (at least from my enquiries in Aus). I typically don’t alert it but at the end of the auction just say to my opponents that it can contain four spades if the responder bid hearts or if the responder bids diamonds it could contain 4 cards in one or both majors.
      I personally find the fact that it isn’t alertable very frustrating! Mostly because when I defend I generally want to know if it can to help piece together declarers shape.
      One problem with alerting it or effectively post alerting it is that you have to be very careful to be very consistent with your alerting and also very clear in explaining to less experienced players (or those that aren’t aware of Walsh) the idea of MAY CONTAIN! This is because some players will put in their mind that it DOES have four of the major (or majors).
      I know that I felt very bad when a less experienced player failed to make their natural spade lead because I may have 4S and they were worried about leading into my suit.
      Regards, Laura

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