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Profile: Laura Ginnan (Tournament liaison and director) 

 laura head shot

How long have you been playing bridge:  20 years!  but only seriously for about 9.

Where was your first national event:  Canberra actually, I grew up there.

What's your favourite convention:  Stayman, there are so many uses when you know the in's and out's.

Favourite card:  The 7D.  If you are declarer and win it on the last trick of the hand you partner owes you a beer or a wine.  There are a couple of catches, diamonds can't be trumps and you must make your contract.

Favourite bridge moment:  My partner and I had a bidding disaster!  He forgot our system and we ended up in 6NTX.  When the dummy came down the whole table burst into laughter.  Partner had shown 20 points and 5+ spades.  They put down 6 points and 2 spades.  We went for -2000!