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  • Pete Hollands on Counting out a bridge handHi Mary I think the counting game used old technology that has been removed by BBO unfortunately.
  • Pete Hollands on Counting out a hand short courseI do put a lot of my videos for free on Youtube. That is the best spot for getting a sample of the different videos. You can also try the short courses on this site for free.
  • Mary on Counting out a bridge handHi Guys, your site is exactly what I had been looking for. I learned bridge later in life from (somewhat random) books, so my knowlege has real gaps in it - like counting out a hand! Couple of questions - the link for the tool
  • Alison Pratten on Bridge At HomeHi Pete, I am very interested in my grandchildren learning the joys of card games & ultimately bridge. ( My love of cards came from watching my parents playing Solo. ) It seems to me, children spend a lot of time on devices so if
  • Pete Hollands on Choosing The Right OvercallThanks

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