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  • Rainer Herrmann on #177 Plan Before You PlayOn board 7 I am surprised you did not even consider letting the spade queen hold on the third round. Since you know spades are 5-3 this gives you a guaranteed 9 tricks and a free shot at ten if clubs come in.
  • Pete Hollands on How To Play Quantitative 4NTI think it should be quant but it needs to be discussed with your partner. If quant then yes it shows a spade stopper.
  • Lisa Yoffa on How To Play Quantitative 4NTIn the auction 1♤ (2♡) P (4NT) where 4NT is quantitative Do you need a spade stopper?
  • Rainer Herrmann on #174 What Is The Best Play In SlamThe slam on Board 3 is better than 35%. If you play a spade to the ten, suit-play says that your chances for no loser in spades is 13.6% and for one loser 62.8% Of these 62.8% you will always make when the diamond finesse
  • Niels Haahr Hornekær on Can You Guess The Auction?2c - p -2sp-p-2hj-p-2sp-p -2hj, and director called after west review two sp;)

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