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  • Pete Hollands on How To Play StaymanYeah I like transfer to Spades and bid 3H. This means you don't have an invite with 5S and 4H but I am always willing to give up on invites.
  • Pete Hollands on Forcing Vs Semi-Forcing NTJust so people can easily distinguish it between a 6-9 and a 6-12 1NT response.
  • Tom on Forcing Vs Semi-Forcing NTAlways been curious about this, why is it called Semi-Forcing and not simply Non-Forcing?
  • Thomas G Peacock on How To Play StaymanHowdy. I am wondering how you show ST with 5+/5+ in the majors. Ran into a problem hand where I had a ST with a 5530. (Used 4C’s and was awkward) I’m thinking the below overall structure could work OK. Weak hands obviously Garbage Stayman.
  • Thomas G Peacock on Raising The PreemptThat first double from the robots was disgusting.

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