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  • Profile photo of Anthony AbbottAnthony Abbott on Endplay TechniqueIt is still not co-operating. Now asking me to retake the course, but nothing happens when I click the button. I am on a PC
  • Profile photo of Sue PascoeSue Pascoe on Play with other Bridge Vid-ersHi, I would like to contact other Bridge Vid members to arrange partners to play online in the BBO website. As an Intermaediate player who is keen to improve bidding and card play with all my new Bridge Vid knowledge, I am available to play
  • Profile photo of Pete HollandsPete Hollands on Five Five Majorsthats a really tricky question. I think it really depends on vulnerability and also planning are you happy to pass partner's response and how good do you need to be to bid again. Also for partner to choose how to respond. If vul I tend
  • Profile photo of Thomas G PeacockThomas G Peacock on Five Five MajorsWould you use the Michael's will all ranges? Or just the 'weak' and 'strong' options? If so why? It seems to me that due to the infrequency of such hands it seems right to play it for all strengths with the focus on showing partner
  • Profile photo of Pete HollandsPete Hollands on Bridge At Homeyeah I like that.

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