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  • Pete Hollands on #210 Over In SingaporeHi Mick, I personally will always open 1NT with a 5 card major unless I have a 5422 shape. It is slightly worse opening it with 5S compared to 5H but I still keep opening 1NT anyway.
  • Mick Lukowski on #210 Over In SingaporeHi Pete - I have only just discovered your website (I am a bit slow nowadays), and I am slowly going through some of your earlier posts. I notice that you open 1NT with a 5 card major suit. Is this because you are playing
  • Mary on Slam bidding techniqueAlso wanted to say your content and presentaion is excellent. Both of you are perfect at making infomration clear and interesting. Thanks, Mary
  • Mary on Slam bidding techniqueI have never been able to start a quiz - acts like a dead link for me. Was able to start the very first time and it went too fast and didn't record my answers. Could be Safari.
  • Judith McNutt on Online lesson order successfulHi Pete!! I’ll talk to you at Wed 3PM your time.! Don't want to hog your time, but could we schedule some more lessons for next week & after? Many Thanks!! Judy:):)

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